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Welcome to Start A Food Blog

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Almost two years ago, my wife created a recipe website, and it was a great time!

We learned all types of things:

  • How to do a little coding
  • How to see who was visiting our site
  • How to pick the right theme for WordPress
  • Which social media widgets were the best
  • What recipe widgets were the best
  • What recipes did the best
  • And much more!

There will be several articles teaching you how to create a low cost or no cost food blog. We invested time and thought into researching the absolute best ways to create an attention grabbing food blog so that we could share our findings with you. Our content is unique. While we focus on general topics that would benefit any blogger, such as:

  • website creation
  • buying a domain name
  • creating content
  • sharing your content

We tailor our posts towards people wishing to create a food blog. We also give detailed explanations and help you see that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A WIZARD OR GENIUS TO BUILD A WEBSITE. Anyone who follows simple guidelines can have a great website. You just have to be patient and follow our lead. The great thing about creating and owning your own blog is that you can put as little or as much time into it as you have available. The key is to stay consistent.

Below are the basic steps that will guide you in the process of creating a unique and successful food blog. The topics are in a chronological order so you can complete the steps in an easy to follow format.

1. How to Take Action and Put Your Recipes Online

In this article, we talk about my wife’s site. We didn’t make it a recipe site initially, it ended up being a recipe site! No matter what profession you are in, SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE EXECUTE. They “just do it!” And that is what you will do too.

2. How to Find Your Food Niche

If you love to cook one thing, then it’s easy. My wife loves cooking Paleo food (gluten-free, meats, vegetable type stuff). She didn’t have to do any research. If you are doing this in order to try to make a little money, then you will want to do research first. Here we tell you what you need to do.

3. How to Find and Buy a Foodie Domain Name

Whether you are in the game to make money or not, you will want to read this article. Buying the right domain name can make it more likely people will see your site, remember your site, and return to your site.

4. The Best Host for Your Food Blog

I have built several websites, used two hosting companies, and both were terrific. Here we talk about what you want to look for in a host when you are creating a food blog.

5. How to do Recipe SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a corner stone of successful websites. Throughout the website design and content creation process, you will want to keep SEO in mind. Here are small things you can do to make sure potential subscribers can find you in a search engine.

6. How to Design Your Food Blog

Let us take you through the process of taking an idea and making it something real on the Internet. We will talk about WordPress (the user friendly content management system that makes building a site easy), and you will learn about themes, widgets, and plugins. You will see that you don’t have to know anything about computer programming. It’s super easy!

7. How to Write a Recipe Post

Sounds easy, right? Well, there are a few, free things you can do to present your information better. These things will make the blog more accessible to search engines, and promote other sites you like.

8. How to Share Your Recipes Online

We focus on three things you can do to share your recipes with the world and drive traffic to your site: Search Engine Optimization, leveraging social media, and using recipes submission sites. In this particular article, we focus on creating a site map and submitting those site maps to Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You will also learn how to leverage Google Webmaster, learning more about your site and how people are finding you.

9. How to Leverage Social Media

This will be the easiest and quickest way to drive traffic to your site. We discuss Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and StumbleUpon. You will learn some of the things we have done to make social media a bigger part of my wife’s cooking site. These actions will help your site just as easily.

10. How to Use Recipe Submission Sites

This is the second quickest way to drive traffic to your site and share your blog with a larger audience. We provide you with a list of popular food submission sites.

11. How to Monetize and Add Variety to Your Food Blog

Once you have your site up and running, there are suggestions here of what you can do to make it better. This post gives a preview of things to come on Start A Food Blog, helping you answer questions such as: “When should I invest money into my website?” and “What are strategies for monetizing your site?”

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