How to Start a Food Blog This Weekend

Starting a Food Blog from scratch doesn’t have to be hard
We’ve done it before and bundled everything you need in this free course

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Everything You Need to
Get Your Own Food Blog Up and Running

Follow along with the book and you’ll be sharing your recipes with the world in no time.

  • 1

    What You're Getting Into

    Things you should know before starting your own food blog. Are you sure this is something for you?

  • 2

    Getting The Technical Stuff Out of the Way

    We’ve done our research so you don’t have to spend time worrying about technical details.

  • 3

    Setting Up The Food Blog

    Finding a domain name, essential plugins, great looking themes, … The book covers it all.

  • 4

    SEO Basics and Social Media

    Everything you need to know about SEO and social media.

  • 5

    Taking Your Recipes to the Next Level

    From writing tips to mastering food photography. Enhance your recipes!

I have created multiple food-related apps and websites and created this eBook to combine and share all this knowledge. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Brecht Vandersmissen
CEO, Bootstrapped Ventures